With over 20 years experience in IT management, operations, and monitoring, Seiri is uniquely positioned to provide for all your operational infrastructure needs.

Seiri manages and monitors dozens of customer networks today, resulting in increased availability, revenue, and productivity. 

Seiri provides infrastructure:

Seiri can account for as much of your needs as necessary. Monitoring of your servers, systems, applications, and network at hours you'd rather not. We track all errors, traps, alarms, and conditions you set, notifying you according to the rules and guidelines you determine. Seiri also provides the reports, and information you need to make what you are paid to do, intelligent business decisions.

Perhaps you and your staff would rather not get thatcall in the night telling you a mission critical application server went down and needed to be rebooted. Have no fear. Seiri can manage your infrastructure for you, be it in our data centers or your own facility. We have the knowledge to identify, diagnose, and rectify the issue. Built in conjunction with your own business practices, Seiri's management service tracks all errors, alarms, traps, and conditions, referring them to our internal IT staff for diagnosis and fault resolution. A pre-defined escalation policy insures that you are notified according to rules you set.

Infrastructure management is just the beginning to day to day infrastructure operations. Operations include looking ahead, planning for the future, resolving issues before they arise by being an integral part of the system. By taking a proactive approach, we can do far more than respond to errors, but indicate trends long before they are a crisis.

Sometimes you just can't avoid the crisis . You just don't see that bus coming. Seiri's Crisis Response Team stands ready to assist. A crack multi-disciplinary staff with years of experience in sorting out, resolving, and recommending a long term solution to the problem at hand is available.

Sound interesting? Contact us at:

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or, for a more immediate response to a crisis situation,

crisis@ seiri.com

"Over 75% of all enterprise network management software installations are deemed failures after 3 years"

The Gartner Group