"If I just had another couple of gigabytes available..."

Seiri offers network storage to meet your needs. 

Need it for a week? Need it for a month?
No problem!

Seiri offers short term network storage capabilities for up to Half a Terabyte (500Gb) on short notice.

Need alot of it?
No problem!

Seiri offers long term network storage of in excess of 10Terabytes .

Need it in two places at once?
No problem! 

Seiri can design a mirroring and replication strategy to fit your exact needs.

Need it backed up?
No problem!

Seiri backs up all our network storage every day. Tapes are available onsite 24x7 and, as an option, may be backed up to multiple locations or tapes may be removed to safe site storage.

Sound interesting? Contact us at:

info@ seiri.com

or, for a more immediate response to a crisis situation,

crisis@ seiri.com

"It wasn't until we had a disaster that we discovered our backup software had failed two months earlier"